Review Review

Review SignSo here’s the deal.  My internet service is just barely alive, less than 256kps all the time, Means I can’t surf and research like normal, so instead of the normally scheduled product review, I will give some updates on some of the more recent reviews.  Should have a regular product review next week.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Cash Surfing Network

Several changes at Cash Surfing Network including a spreecast every weekday at 6:00 pm EST.  Membership is growing like crazy, and the upside of CSN is still compelling to me.  A collaboration between the Legacy Team and Eric Goettman changes happen nearly every day.  One of the most responsive products I have ever seen…

Click Track Profit

What to say about Click Track Profit?  It just rolls along.  Although there are changes.  Since my review they have run the ‘Spooktacular Badge Hunt’, a terrific promotion for all involved.  They have changed some of the training to reflect new trends and leaders in the industry.  Not onlyl does CTP just keep rolling along, it keeps getting better.

Net Marketing Forum

NetMarketing Forum is back!!  Less than two weeks since NMF rose from the ashes and it is rolicking along pretty well.  A very nice mix of new people and old people.  Errr people that have been around a while:)  Lots of good folks come around and answer questions and provoke topics.  It’s shaping up to be a great idea exchange, maybe even the next Warrior Forum, or even better, what the Warrior Forum could have been!  It’s all free and just doing great!

Surf Duel

Remember like a month ago when I had a ‘serious thing’ going on for Surf Duel?  It hasn’t gotten any better!  I still really like the look and feel of the place, and the concept is completely different from anything you have seen.  The Tech Dime guys have really put a ton of work and effort into this site, and it shows.  Still listed as ‘open Beta’, they have gotten all most all of the rough edges polished off.  It’s a fun place to play!

Traffic Browser

Yes, I have thrown David Eaton and Traffic Browser under the bus on two different occasions.  Yes, I pulled him out and dusted him off once.  This should count as a second ‘pull him out and dust him off’.  David Eaton is not only a really talented programmer (with a great imagination) but very, very determined to make TB work.  He keeps making updates and changes and fixes, and has gotten to a point where he has a very usable and sellable product.  Hurrah for David!!

And in the End

I hope you have enjoyed this lame excuse of a column.  I should have full service internet back by next week and be able to present a real product review.

‘I’m just sayin’

Cash Surfing Network

Cash Surfing NetworkCash Surfing Network Banner Image

This site is a new collaboration between Eric Goettman and the Legacy Team, big players in the business,  It is only a week as a membership site, but the caliber of the people involved means we better pay attention.  Close attention.

What’s New

Cash Surfing Network on it’s face, is a place that provides rewards for surfing a particular course of sites.  A $12.00 sign up bonus ($2.00 at each individual site) is a terrific incentive to a newcomer in the TE business, it’s a chance to make some money doing what we do.  Surf rewards after the sign up bonus are straightforward to obtain.

So near as I can tell, this is the first time 2 separate ownership teams have combined forces in a distinct separate site with it’s own unique goals and vision.  It is unique in that it is the first.  If you take the total membership of all the sites involved, it adds up to a mega site with around 100k members…

The site itself is new.  I would place it in ‘advanced beta’ status.  In other words, it’s no where near done, changes are coming hard and fast.  It has better than 7000 members in it’s first week of operation, a very impressive number.

What I really Like

For me, it is a very convenient way to surf 6 high quality sites that I want to support.  All 6 are top tier traffic exchanges that provide great opportunity for advertisers and surfers both.  This is not penny-ante business, these are 6 hitters.

I really like that Cash Surfing Network has a ‘one button surf all’ feature.  I really don’t like that it is buried in step one and you have to look for it.

I really, really like the promotional opportunity at Cash Surfing Network.  I predict that this is going to be a big deal in the not too distant future.  A huge chance to build a personal list, and possibly to make a few bucks in commissions.  What’s not to like?

What’s not ready for Prime Time

The upgrade.  The biggest upside to the upgrade is the ability to use Cash Surfing Network’s downline builder and the increased commissions.  I think they need 2 tiers of upgrade, and a better definition of what they have.

What’s Coming?

The guys have plans.  They have ideas.  The really, I mean REALLY good news is that this team has the money and the talent to make good stuff happen.

A centralized command post is in the works.  One place to see how your credits and ads and downline are doing for all 6 sites.  I can’t wait.

More downline builder sites.  As this project grows (and it’s growing FAST) more and more and more program owners will want to have their programs affiliated with Cash Surfing Network.  The list is already pretty impressive, with more certainly to come.

My Recomendation

Get in, get in now, upgrade, leveredge a serious site for all it’s worth.  Huge upside here.

And in the End

I didn’t get to CSN until several days had passed.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t get in sooner.  I think this could develop into a ‘hub product’ on the lines of CTP.  We all know what has happened there…